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Michell Knight
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Daito Ryu

After reading the articles offered in the above posts, I also noted the mention of Daito Ryu. I am constantly humbled by the caliber of people I find linked to Daito Ryu. It reminds me of the awesome responsibility that I owe to the Ryu as well. I am taking my 4th Kyu "any time" (as my Sensei says!). He has added Happo Giri--to "keep me on my toes" (He also says that alot!). My dojo takes study of the budo art quite seriously and history is very much a part of our testing. Every extension or pivot, we are reminded of the heritage of those before us. I have been quite privileged to train and visit with Bernie Lau Sensei, where I can SEE and FEEL the kihon of budo. (Of course it's not hard to feel the art every time you train when your dojo has only hard wooden floors!)
I see you train Shodokan (I enjoyed your site). My sensei has previous Shodokan training and occasiionally adds a bit to our training (extension over the front knee during throws and pins). Other than that, I only know what I see here!
Again, thanks for your response.

Michell Knight, P.A.-C
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