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Re: Origin of Phrase

Originally posted by Michell Knight
I read an interesting phrase on this site a few months ago and never noted the point of origin (literary source or spontaneous insight!). The phrase was Mu shin Mu gamae (No mind no stance). I would appreciate any info, thank you!
Hi Michell,

'Mushin mugamae' originates with Kenji Tomiki, it was one of his favourite phrases. A Google search turns up a few bits of information about it online. Paul Wildish mentions it in an article on the JAA-USA website.

Professor Tomiki was a wonderful calligrapher, and there is a large scroll bearing the words 'mushin mugamae' in his own hand on the shomen of the Shodokan honbu dojo in Osaka.

(And a smaller reproduction of it on the wall of the dojo where I train.)

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