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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 8

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
Second Vision - December 1940
Attack on Pearl Harbor - December 1941
Retirement to Iwama - (?) 1942
My error, I had meant to refer to his third vision 1942, vice the second in 1940.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
... but a person that had deep political and military connections, especially Naval connections, would probably know the facts and the predicted outcome.
The interesting thing is that it was the naval connections that were mostly opposed to war with the U.S. Adm. Yonai became prime minister with Hirohito's support, opposed to widening the war to the U.S. and Britain. He lost the premiership to Togo and the war party, and reputedly to the emperor's dismay, who is reported to have actually spoken critically to the council meeting that was deliberating the attack on the U.S.,such that even the war party agreed to extend the deadline for their demands.

Some of that attribution of spoken opposition may be after the fact protection for the emperor under the SCAP war crimes trials, but the actions of supporting for office the anti-war premier Yonai (who, like Yamamoto, was subject of some assassination attempts by some extreme radical war factions) says more than words, as does the historical delay in the plans of attack by the war party, which that criticism is attributed in bringing about.

Takeshita, Ueshiba's primary patron/student, and who arranged the Imperial family demonstration in 1941 was actually a participant in Teddy Roosevelt's mediation of the Treaty of Portsmouth ending the Russo-Japanese war. That connection continuned with an introduction of judo (through Takeshita) to both Roosevelt personally and eventual the U.S. Naval Academy.

Allen Beebe wrote: View Post
This is one of the great things about Peter's posts, whether or not you agree with his interpretations, he is presenting a great deal of information, in condensed form, that most individuals either don't have access to, the ability to read, or don't avail themselves of.
I think he does a creditable job of not editorializing. My criticisms are directed to those who take the information too far beyond its first order inferences. Because there are countervailing facts of association with different people of far different interests that rebut what I see as a drumbeat but superficial accusation (by others) of hypocrisy in the moral issues, from the mere fact of nationalist associations and military adventurism. The world is rarely so simple. Warfare, specifically, is not so simple. Japan is NEVER simple, peace or war.


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