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Re: Chinkon Kishin

Christian Moses wrote: View Post
I was the one who requested clarification, in the form of multiple choice in the hopes that the response would be as clear as possible. You did not ASK for clarification, but rather jumped at the seeming chance to demonstrate how I had not understood the exercise. Big difference.
No one here maintains that what we talk about is commonplace, so it is a source of misunderstanding not to be careful in defining terms, especially when analogies are recurrently stated to be the preferred mode of thought. I have more patience with that than most people -- because I know it controls perceived outcomes, and perceived outcome is of no interest to me. I took the plain SVO statement of what you said as what you meant -- which is the reverse of my understanding of what drives the system (as I took you to mean by "amplify"). I understand now you meant something different by that. Merely trying to nail down the concrete statement intended, on the exact subject of the discussion topic, given your actual words, is neither a personal attack, criticism or gamesmanship.

I understand the manipulation of kinetic energy and mass transfer through the frame -- in terms of both dissipation and concentration -- to use both small movements "amplified" , and large movements "diminished". The flower both opens and closes again, depending, and in a very well-defined form. "Amplify" can refer to the energy of the motion, often inverse to its physical size, and how I would use the term. It can also refer to its physical dimension, which you seemed to mean, which makes it an ambiguous term in this context. Both aspects are present, mechanically speaking, as I view the operation of the chinkon kishin kokyu undo.

Let me ask my earlier question another way, and in line with your analogous experience -- instead of mine:

Are amplifying and distortion, to your way of thinking, similar to, respectively, driving and damping signals in the wave-form?


Erick Mead
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