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Re: Chinkon Kishin

Wow... 176 posts over 7 pages... of nothing remotely related to the topic.

Chinkon kishin is basically a mediumistic method for spirit invocation and divine possession.... something Deguchi Onisaburo learnt from a disciple of Honda Chikaatsu, and had spent a number of years experimenting in a mountain cave before he met Nao Deguchi.

From what I gather, from various sources, it is largely based on various Shinto shamanistic "purification" rituals, with a bit of the occult and Shingon Mikkyo estoerica thrown into the mix.

Whilst some of the ritual movements *can* be used as "exercises", I think that martial application was not a specific goal of the method. Recall... it is a method for invoking the spirits and kamigakari - spirit possesion.

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