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Re: Kuzushi for kaiten nage

Well, he was quite explicit about it, so it was hard to miss. At a seminar in Manila last year, Sugawara was unhappy that we were all hacking at the uke with the tegatana on the uke's elbow. So he stepped in and kept saying that we had to do it softly no matter how hard uke attacks. And the hand, palm up, had to be very relaxed although alive; your center is what drops, the back of your hand simply transmits the "dropping" to uke. This version of the kaiten kuzushi seems to have affinities with the movement of Yamaguchi shihan and Yasuno shihan. They both like [liked, in the late Yamaguchi's case] to unbalance the uke by dropping the hand in a palm up position, as opposed to the more orthodox tegatana style.

It is possible to do something similar with irimi nage—the same palm-up position as you stand behind him in irimi position. But the point of contact should be the elbow or higher. If its just the wrist, uke can turn to face you. I get my best results when I enter so deeply that my entire arm and even my shoulder are over uke's shoulder and arm. At that point, we are bound so closely that even a very light movement from me will send him flying.
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