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Re: Moriteru Ueshiba v Christian Tissier

Just going by these two clips, it looks to me that Tissier makes much more obvious kuzushi, and he tends to use the moment of unbalance to either enter deep and under his uke, or to create big up-and-down wave with his body. The end result is that there is more obvious energy being transferred into uke as he throws.

The Doshu, on the other hand - and this is something I have noticed whenever I watch his demonstrations - keeps a fairly open ma'ai with his uke, and his movements tend to be horizontally circular. Not as much up and down, and not as much obvious energy being transferred into uke during the technique.

In my very humble opinion, looking at just these two videos, Ueshiba's technique is a lot more martial than Tissier's; Tissier seems to be the showman here. Imagine if the ukes had hidden knives. Ueshiba is very centered, his uke's are very much extended past their centers; if he were to fail to take his uke's balance perfectly, he would have a bit of room to flow into something else. It looks to me that what Tissier is doing, if he were to screw it up, he would be in a pretty bad position.
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