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Re: The continued Evolution of Aikido

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This is from the book "Aikido Weapons Techniques" by Phong Thong Dang and Lynn Seiser (pg 56 Bo-jutsu and Jo-jutsu)- "Bo-jutsu and Jo-jutsu have never lost their combat effectiveness, because they were initially ideal for defeating but not killing. Jodo is a modern attempt to EVOLVE the more combative jutsu system into a sport, or 'do'."
This is a correct usage of the term evolve since the combative form of the arts referred to are being altered in a fundamental ways that will result in wholy separate species of each.

Clarence Couch wrote:
So here they're saying "do" means evolving to a sport.
WADR to Phong Dong Dang and Lynn Seiser, I believe the usage of 'do' is being incorrectly employed. There are many 'do' arts that are not sporting activities (Chado, the Way of tea, Kado, the Way of flowers, Shodo, the Way of writing to name a few). Therefore I have to respectively disagree with Gene's conclusion that 'do' means evolving to a sport when, in fact, 'do' translates to Way and implies:

"...a body of knowledge and tradition with an ethic and an aesthetic, and having the characteristics of specialization (senmonsei), transmissivity (keishōsei), normativity (kihansei), universality (kihensei), and authoritativeness (ken'isei)." from the Wikipedia Encyclopedia. See

Clarence Couch wrote:
So the same could be said for Aiki-jutsu to Aikido(without losing any of it's spiritual or Budo meaning).
Applying the same usage of evolve as in the above paragraph I'd have to disagree since Aikido retains the characteristics of a martial art and is clearly not a separate species from Aiki-jutsu.