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Re: Atemi

With all due respect.Is it just me David or are you displaying "all or nothing" thinking? Aikido at it's core is very violent. It is however just a tool. How it is used is completely up to the individual.

That is Budo

I just got back from the first day of our seminar with Koji Yoshida Sensei.

What I experienced was a very Martial Form of not-violence. He showed allot of Atemi and blew minds. That being said there were some injuries and most of us are pretty darn sore. LOL The injuries were not so much the result of hyped up Nages as inexperienced Ukes who were not prepared properly IMO.

Our training philosophy as expressed by Koji Yoshida's Sensei Shoji Nishio Shihan is.. "Sincere Heart through Austere (read hard) Practice."

Simply put the way you described it and the way I read it I would have to disagree in part.

Yoshida Sensei made no apologies...If you want to learn the right way you had better be prepared to take a risk (again IMO) There are no loopholes in practice. Only those who are not fully committed. That being said it was not his intention to have people hurting each other but "Martial" Aikido (is there any other kind?) is Martial Art FIRST and a very dangerous tool indeed.

The only people who are delusional are the ones who do not understand what Aikido is supposed to be and do not know their own limitations when practicing it.Their Martial Awareness needs serious work.

As we say "half measures avail you nothing"...and that to me is a far more dangerous delusion.

Now to bed to rest up for tomorrow. LOL

Take Care Sempai

William Hazen

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