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Re: Is aikido a spiritual practice ?

Paulo Gomes wrote: View Post
aikido gives a spiritual way of life to those who are looking for something like that i've met many aikidokas who are not at all "spiritual" & though are very good in completing the techniques you cant feel the exchange of ki
I've met many spiritual people who would never call themselves that. They simply are themselves, deeply.

I think of 'spirituality' as a simple ladder. You don't yell out "Hey, I'm a 'ladder-stander'." the whole time you're up there. And you generelly don't announce or even notice that it is cool that you are climbing up. You just have a different place to operate from and it is fairly mundane. When you're done for the day you put your feet on the ground where you first started and prepare for your next project. You just get a little more adept at the transition with practice. No bells and whistles....just a little more proficient than when you started.

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