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When I saw that clip again, he grabbed the side of neck and the upper arm of uke, then just kaiten around, hence, producing the trademarked "faceplant", then waiting for uke to recover then step forward then cut to the corners where no footings are present.

Sounds so simple, maybe I will try this next time in dojo. I think to make uke make an extra step to our hip, we need to step forward or backward (3:26).

But I think, ultimately, the uke at least must know the "choreography", that is: to keep running forward, nage will lead uke in circle and throw.

Why? what do you think?
Dear Konstantinus,
Generally speaking most instructors select their uke who have acted as uke for a long time.Tori gets to know how uke will respond and uke almost like a conditioned reflex will move around tori[in the rotational method of irimi nage ] almost like clockwork.Uke also usually being a junior hardly wants the senior to look bad or to make the irimi nage hard work for tori.
I have on many occasions often been in situations whereby uke sometimes falls down without
any reason.Uke should not simply bite the dust .Uke should endeavour to try and regain/maintain his /her posture throughout the movement.As it happens I am not too fond of the irimi /tenkan method of irimi nage.The irimi tenkan version looks good[tori leading /spinning the uke around followed by a high flyying ukemi from uke ] but I much prefer a simpler more direct irimi nage than usual demoed by certain instructors.Hence my earlier statement about compliant uke.`i have a lot of footage of the basic taisabaki used in irimi nage and the irimi nage itself, however I do noot know how to upload this material to this forum. Cheers , joe.
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