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Re: Who brought the Saito a.k.a. Iwama lineage to Europe?

Hi Hanna,

You raise some interesting questions concerning Tomita Sensei.
He will not figure in any history for Saito Sensei's 'Iwama' method of Aikido (Iwama Ryu, Takemusu Aikido) post 1992, when he consulted with Saito Sensei and officially created his 'Tomita Academy', thereby becoming independent. Nonetheless the fact that he has effectively been erased from almost all biographical histories prior to this date is interesting in and of itself, since he first came to Gothenburg, Sweden to teach Aikido in August 1969.
As a long-time student of Tomita Sensei, I can perhaps shed some light on this for you if you would like to PM me.

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