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Bill Brownlow
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Re: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu *not vs* Aikido

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I think the white belt in that video was poor quality even for a white belt. I'd put him at the under 1 month mark in skill. He made very classical mistakes and had no confidence. He seemed to have no knowledge of take downs in any regards (bjj or otherwise) and for some unknown reason wanted to pull the aikido guy down on top of him.

He was not prepared for a bjj tournament, let alone a challenge match.
I didn't watch the whole thing because I thought it was boring and I'm not going to comment on the white belt's level of experience (or the black belt's), but I find it hard to believe that you have never seen people "pulling guard" like that. It is a very common white belt takedown, at the last tournament I was at I saw some blue belts doing it rather successfully (of course they gave up the 2pts for takedown).

The "unknown reason" to pull the guy down on top of him is demonstrated at about 00:56 into the video. The camera angle is not good but he clearly has the guy in his guard and works an armbar - unsuccessfully, but thats what was going on.
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