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Re: Article: Apples and Oranges; State Specific Learning by Lynn Seiser

Wow, I am impressed with the high level of response here. Domo.

On some level, I think we may be all be in agreement. The similarities are more common than the differences.

I tend to use a somewhat inclusive model that accepts everything as useful somewhere in the process or sequence.

I was once told that everything is a craft and an art. First, it is wise to learn the craft by using the tools in a rather state specific way. Then to express the art. If we try the art of writing or painting before we know the craft, usually what we produce is trash. Many stay within the security of the state specific craft and remain technicians. Others generalize and begin to move outside th box into the art. It is not a clear cut separation. I tend to enjoy myself while training in the discipline of the craft. I also enjoy myself my freelancing outside that box into the art. But my art is different because of the craft.

Bruce Lee often said that at first a punch is just a punch, you flail it out there. Then it becomes a science of when the feet, hips, shoulder, elbow, wrist relax and align with the breath and intent. This is the state specific craft. Finally, a punch is just a punch, buts its very different than the first one.

IMHO, none of its a destination. Its a journey and we need to be realistic about where we are on it and what are the most appropriate tools and training methods for that specific part to continue the forward momentum to whatever training or life goal or objective we have chosen.

Thanks again for the dialogue, conversation, and stimulating discussion. I can feel my mental model/map expanding.

Lynn Seiser PhD
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We do not rise to the level of our expectations, but fall to the level of our training. Train well. KWATZ!
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