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Smile Re: I have a good question for all your aikidoists

Thank you for your reply Jun.

Wthin our organisation of Aikido, we also have encouraged students of Aikido who have continued with us through many varying disabilities for many years. They have also desired to take assessment. At this time we have students who are practicing with various ailments ie.sugar dibetis, the arthritic, partially sighted, visually impaired, long term physical injuries, aurally impaired, various heart problems, Biels Moon syndrome etc. The real joy, is to see the able bodied Adult and Junior Aikidoka, more than prepared to assist them in their practise of Aikido, and the development they all attain.

Similar to Larry above my Sensei was ill from Cancer for several years before his death. He was physically a small man, however, he never lost his love or dynamism for our Martial Art , or his students, and he trusted that the Aikidoka would always persist with their development, plus support and encouragement to all.

As I have frequently reiterate, how can we possibly know how the other guy truly feels, if we are not living the other guys life. There are many other well worn or popular cliches to cover my statement.

Thank you for your communication.

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