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Re: Switching Arts

You might want to explain your dilemma to the chief instructors at the local aikido schools, and see what they have to say. While it's unlikely that any will allow you to "cross grade" directly to your current (questionable) rank, it might be possible to progress through the aikido ranks more quickly than a raw beginner would.

I suspect that setting up as a formal satellite dojo would be pretty much out of the question until you've established your ability to teach *aikido* to your supervising instructor's satisfaction. However, it might be possible for you and your students to become a less formal study group, with your supervising instructor visiting on a regular basis to check on your progress. (He will probably expect to be paid for this.)

Any arrangement of this kind is likely to require a balancing commitment on your part, though. You, and probably your senior students, should plan on making that 45 minute drive on a very regular basis. (Incidentally, plenty of people do not see a 45 minute drive to a good dojo as particularly onerous. )

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