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Re: Hikitzuchi's Aiki-bojutsu

Do you think a translation of this work might be valuable/possible ?
1. I really do not know the status of Shingu's aikido since the death of Hikitzuchi - who controls what, who learned what, who is responsible for what.
2. If, however, any way tradtional, the scroll, in cryptic fashion, outlines what the recipient learned in full. One who didn't learn it merely has a scroll with some pictures and phrases.
3. Such scrolls are often regarded as secret and are only released to someone who mastered what the scrolls outline.
4. An outsider could read the scroll, let us say, and be no wiser than before about what the scrolls are about.

In sum, I do not think such a project would be all that valuable. What would be valuable would be to seek out Tojima, Yanase or Anno sensei(s), by-all-accounts brilliant senior teachers at Shingu, and actually learn from them what Hikitzuchi actually passed on.
An acquaintance of mine, a many decade long practitioner of koryu weaponry, who trained with most of Ueshiba's senior shihan (under Aikikai aegis) said that Hikitzuchi's weapon-work was at the pinnacle of them - that in his quite educated opinion, HIkitzuchi was the individual who truly got "transmission" of Ueshiba's weapon-work.
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