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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

On the other hand, his earlier movies created a wider interest in Aikido with the general public. Some of those folks found dojo and began training and learned that Aikido was far different than what they saw on the screen and stuck with it to become excellent martial artists and better people perhaps. We've had generations of martial artists/actors who have engendered interest in the MAs and may or may not have been terrific human beings. Spencer Tracy, Jimmy Cagney, David Carradine and the list goes on.

Oh yeah, I'm not one of Seagal Sensei's students, nor a fan. I have had the pleasure of training once with one of his direct students and one student who was a "generation removed". Both were wonderful folks to train with. They were tough, focused, and generous people on the mat. I can only wonder where they learned that......

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