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David Orange
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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

Jakob Blomquist wrote: View Post
Gimme' a break David! I've respected your opinions at this forum going far back, but using some movie-character-intended-to-sell-alot-at-the-box office as a representative for someones RL-personality, character and otherwise moral build, leaves me little room than to think you are a very naive or narrow minded person yourself.
You wouldn't be the only person to think so.

However, aikido is a tremendously powerful mode of subconscious communication. Seagal's films are a despicable use of that powerful tool and gift. It's just like Jim and Tammy Bakker or any other person who misuses The Bible to make money for themselves. It's evil. It's the equivalent of prostituting aikido, and his positition would equate to the pimp in that simile. I hate to see a great art used that way. And that is real life.


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