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Re: Passed my Exam! (Whoot!)

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Hi dAlen,

our dojo is connected to the Aikido Foundation in Hungary which is connected to Veszprem where the summer camps of the Foundation are held but, unfortunately, it is not connected (as far as I know) to the sensei who visited your dojo. (Google shows his name is Janos Veisz but their website says he's 3rd dan so I'm not 100% sure).

Sometimes things in aikido are complicated .

Your totally right - I suppose he is still 3rd dan.
(Got him confused with another 'Janos' in the organization who actually is 4th dan, but not who I was thinking of.)

Not sure your familiar with this organization - (I still dont fully understand the political structure of Aikido in Hungary...though I know its diverse) - but it appears we are in the Hungarian Aikido Culture Association with Sensei Varszegi Rudolf (5th dan) as our Technical Director.

Honestly I have not seen many of the higher ups in our organization...mostly Sensei Imre Marton (4th dan) and his crew.

For the most part it seems Sensei Imre carries the east side of Hungary for the organization. We have people from Szeged all the way north above Miskolc coming to seminars to test. (Forgive any spelling errors.)

It seems our shihan is Sensei Tamura.

Anyway - good to chat with someone from Hungary...even if your in the U.K. now.



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