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Passed my Exam! (Whoot!)

Sorry if I sound a bit excited...but I am!

Just passed my 5th kyu exam!
(We have 6kyus)

I know it doesnt mean much in terms of helping you to understand what I know, etc. as there are various ranking systems, as well as requirements within, which are represented here on this board - none-the-less, wanted to share my excitement.

For me this is a good milestone, for those of you who have read my other threads you know I have been practicing in a country where I dont really know the language. - albeit over the past year its rubbing off on me more. - so this probably means a bit more to me because of the extra effort that was put into getting here over the past year.

From here its time to move forward.

- oh, not to mention that my knee got injured the first night of the seminar on Thursday. I did a lot of therapy on it (light, massage, etc) and was able to participate in most of the seminar still, as well as test. (It was an awkward 'pinch' that was sharp...couldnt even stand at first.)

Anyway...babbled on enough about this.

Peace to all, and thanks for reading this post.


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