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I'm an adult student at Penn State (Harrisburg campus) working toward a degree in Communications. I'm taking a magazine editing class for which I need to write a feature article. I've decided to write my article on ikkyo.

Here's my premise: O Sensei has said something to the effect that when you understand ikkyo, you'll understand Aikido. Recent conversations on this board have mentioned ikkyo in the context of its relationship with the ikkajo of Daito-ryu (as in Sensei Kondo's interview). So, what I'd like to do is discuss the origins of ikkyo, and explore the importance of this seemingly simple technique to our study of Aikido.

There are only two problems: I don't have many Aikido books or tapes, and I really don't have a lot of experience in Aikido. So I'm asking for help. Would you all:

(1) please share any quotes from your books on ikkyo (not technical how-to stuff, though) with good citations, and

(2) share your thoughts on any aspect of ikkyo you find important. Please include your style, location, and rank so that I can properly give you credit.

I may also ask to follow up on some comments in e-mail messages.

My intent is not to solve the mystery behind O Sensei's comment, but to simply present an intelligent discussion on a fundamental technique. I'm also planning on including a whole bunch of photos I'll take in my dojo. :-)

I only have a few weeks to write the article, so quick help is needed. I will, of course, post the final result somewhere and provide a link so you folks can see it.

Thank you very much in advance,

-Drew Ames

P.S. Here's a specific quetion: Why is ikkyo so difficult to master?
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