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Re: Some Ki Tests

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post

Happy New Years!

1) Ikkyo Undo movements by the students are sorely lacking in some fundamentals. The first couple of seconds, you do one and your rear leg seems to be bent at the knee. If that is so, I do not believe that this is a good idea.
2) That turning motion that you were demonstrating and teaching has some problems as well.
a) The person grabbing is grabbing without any intent or extension of intent/ki into the person.
b) The person being grabbed is not extending Ki into the attacker and there is no observable connection between the two people. That observation is confirmed by what happens when that person turns.
c) The turns appear to be not be centripetal turns from the spine.
d) The arm is left behind, creating a dangerous situation.

Finally, a calm mind is easy absent of a genuine attack. This type of training needs a critical bridge in order for there to be any carryover to maintaining a calm mind during a real attack.

Dan Harden and Mike Sigman will be in Europe some time this year. I strongly suggest that you attend of their seminars.


Marc Abrams
Hi Marc. Happy new year to you too. Your comments are welcome.

Your observation of my rear leg appearing to be bent at the knee is indeed the case. It should be.

The person grabbing is extending ki into me and what happens to him when I turn is purely down to me harmonizing with it.

My first small turn is a small taisabaki and shows him you can accept the others ki or force or energy and just taisabake on your own and you will be free.

The second turn I do is showing him that if you taisabake into the other persons place (where he is standing) then he will fly off thus demonstrating one of Toheis' principles of taking your partners' place.

The third taisabake I do is showing him that if I taisabake and take his place and keep connection then he ends up going around me like a planet in orbit.

These are all done from center or one point if you prefer and taisabake done from center is all about centrifugal force.

However, combined with Koshi (the base of the spine) you can generate centripetal force or energy in which case it would be an exercise of taisabake where the person holding goes around yet remains close to you.

Finally, remember this is a drill, a drill on taisabake the motion of itself not a technique.

Thanks for your response. G.
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