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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
Thanks for the link. It looks very interesting and very well done. Looks like it might actually be a good piece about the issue vice a polictical agenda.

Thanks again!
You're very welcome. I did very much appreciate it's lack of political agenda as I think everyone loses when topics become obscured by such. That is, the important aspect, human wellness, can become lost.

I think our collective budo traditions are exemplary in providing a balance between sustainability and intervention. I believe if people were introduced to aikido as a method of strategy/ethic their combat fatigue would be lessened. In that sense I feel it is effective in combat, because it allows for a person's life to continue in health should it survive a combat environment. I believe soldiers hearts, which tend to be uncommonly big ( ), would benefit from the ethics of aiki-budo engagement.

These are my heart felt beliefs.

Perhaps aikido would be a good art to subscribe to during occupational withdraw(i.e. when we're leaving a war zone as it is being stabilized) or for soldiers who are staying on to assist in re-establishing communities post combat.( Again, I apologize if my language is cumbersome.)

I also believe that these thoughts are in line with George's post above, which I whole heartedly concur with. Thanks George!

What do you think?

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