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Re: Aikido as an educational system

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
With due respect - do you really think that someone would not fight back if he was being battered, even if it was a 16 yr old boy.
In the late 1950s / 60s I worked on the London night club scene - I used Aikido successfully many times. I never expected my opponent to harmonise with me, but I did harmonise with them.
Hi Henry, my favorite quote on this subject comes from Peyton Quinn who is a well known American practical self defense teacher. He had yudansha rank from Toyoda Sensei as well as having rank in karate and other arts. He did a lot of club security work back in the day in Atlantic City biker bars. I was talking to him about Aikido and he said, "I love it when folks say Aikido doesn't work... You'd be amazed at how well iriminage works when you bounce the guy's head off the bar". That's a bit too "earthy" for most Aikido folks.

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