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Re: Aikido as an educational system

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So true, not only about martial arts but life in general. Everything has a price, so are you prepared to pay it? Not only did Abbe sensei manage the situation, but he also gave the hoodlums a valuable lesson.

By the way, I have a friend who is a prominent medalist in several martial art championships. At a bar, someone wanted to fight him. "I'll do that," he said, "but first, google my name." The other guy was confused, walked away for a moment and did so. Then he came back, pale faced, and offered my friend free beer all the evening. That's damn cool , too

Violence can be resolved without a violent response - sometimes.
My son walked into a bar, he saw his local gents hairdresser / barber, he said hello and sat with the guy, the barber began telling my son he was upset that some thug who lived next door to him was making his life very miserable, as he was talking he suddenly went pale and said to Rik " He has just come through the door " - The thug ordered his beer and saw Rik and the barber, he came over and politely said hello to Rik - he then said to the barber " I did not know you knew Rik Ellis ?" - without smiling Rik said that he and the barber were as close as brothers. That was three years ago and the barber has never had a problem since.
The moral of this story is - the barber will never allow Rik to pay for his hair cuts

Henry Elllis
Co-author ` Positive Aikido`

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