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Re: Thougths of Tony the cumudgeon?

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
Tony, Tony, the Oracle ? Don't worry about the weather, the Oracle Shopping Mall in Reading is all under cover and just about 40 min drive from you....

I don't think Howard realises that only the wealthy can get hissed in the UK these days at 3 a pint or $5 ...You need to start doing some seminars Tony.

Henry Ellis
Now let me see .... 135 Euros per day per student for 6 hours of how to be strong in martial arts.
Works out at ...... wait for it....... cogs a wirring.... yep, about 14 an hour, that's not bad money Henry!!..... How many students would we need to make it worthwile?
Fancy opening a ki shop?......
I'll share the proceeds out with you