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Raul Rodrigo wrote:
This is the theme of many of the shihan (Endo, Yamaguchi, Saotome, etc): don't do the waza with strength. Do it with timing, with position, with kokyu. But not muscular strength. Its not the same thing as saying we should be spineless blobs of jelly. Its the idea that when we relax the muscles a different kind of power comes into play. This bothers you?
What I'm saying is never give up your strenght. Learn how to use it as yet another advantage. I can move with a good center, get good position, execute good technique with great timing, and have the technique work fine. But I am not perfect, this means I may come across someone who can counter me, so now I add my strenght into the mix. A good bjj example is the armbar. I'm using my center (my hips, back, stomach, and body weight) to extend your arm. I know guys so strong they can armcurl me and lift me right up off the ground. So even though I have better technique then they do, it still doesn't matter. They justed used strenght to help cover up a weakness in their ablities.

I am not saying you should give up learning how to move and just build muscles. I'm saying you should learn how to use both to your advantage.

On another note, far far too many people use this "You do not need muscles" mentality to be fat, lazy, and weak. It should be preached that you should strive to take the best care of your body as possible, this means controling eating and getting good exercise to build muscle and cardio. I've heard people say that their teacher told them to stop body building as it could hinder their ki development. I just can't understand how someone can say "Don't get in shape, you do not need to be in shape." But a lot of people misread the "You do not need to use strenght" as "You do not need to have strenght."

So I say you should learn how to not use strenght AND learn how to use strenght. Sometimes that little uph can be what makes the difference off the mat.

- Don
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