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Question Correct Sequencing of Aikido Techniques?

Greetings All,

I am trying to get my head around the correct sequencing of the techniques in Aikido. Is it right to say that these are meant to be in a Japanese numeric order that is translated to an English numeric order? The list that I have goes like this, but I am not sure that I have the actual order of techniques correct. I apologise if the spelling is not correct as I am trying to work from memory. My thoughts are that I have 1-6 correct, but I think the order of 7-10 is not correct. Any help would be appreciated!

Also to add, is there a uniform description in a few words of each of the techiques. Such as Techinage being "Heaven and Earth Projection" for example?

1, Ikkyo
2, Nikkyo
3, Sankyo
4, Yonkyo
5, Gokyo
6, Tenchinage

7, Shionage
8, Iriminage
9, Kaitenage
10, Kotegaeshi.
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