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Re: Respect your partners' Ki.

Returning to this post because it was, unbeknownst to me, perfect timing for me to read it before going to class last night. As I was working with a fellow student doing a suwari waza ki exercise I realized that he was really not respecting my ki.

I say this because he was intentionally and repeatedly stopping my ki to the point that I could not execute the technique, and then upon my request to restart, would not restart the exercise. The instructor noticed this and mentioned that everyone needs to resist only enough so that the tori can feel the difference between minimal to more intense resistance and find their technique.

As we were training I thought of this thread.

I love to train with an uke that is going to sell the technique; don't get me wrong. I am basically a new student again and this is still my first week back to training after an 8 year absence, and I am sure over time I will learn the techniques to the point that I will do them with enough speed and fluidity to prevent this; but thought that this was a bit over the top.

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