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Re: why do people search outside Aikido for IS?

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It depends first and foremost on the definition of "missing". Do you think that the Mona Lisa is "missing" a grass skirt and a coconut bra?
now that you mentioned it, i have always been wondering why the Mona Lisa doesn't look quite right. the grass skirt should be ok, but wouldn't coconut bra be uncomfortable and scratchy? is that with or without under-wire support?

i was wondering if a person can be in the two groups at the same time, as in, Group 3: all of the above. as in, i go outside of aikido for stuffs in order to have everything i need inside aikido?

i was outside of aikido, then i found aikido and went inside, then i stepped outside, and tunnel back inside, then went out the back door, and climbed back in through the windows. sometimes i don't know whether i am in or out. some told me that i am outside the house, but i said i am inside my yard and i said you are trespassing. and i also said do you not see the sign that said "trespasser will be shot. survivor will be shot again."

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