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Richard Elliott
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Re: Article: Live Movement and Dead Movement by Chuck Clark

Thanx Sensei Clark for such a fine article.

It really does define, for me, what a true learning process looks like. I'm one of those people that tries to get to the end quick or to try to get everything at once. It's just the way I am; some love the details. It's just a difference in peoples' learning styles that I'm sure you have experienced many times. Over time, I have learned to let "the spirit" work behind my back, so to speak, and concentrate on the hear and now, stay on task, and not try to outrun myself. As you say, this takes trust in the teacher.

Your use of "live" and "dead" to describe the result of movement and intent is a good one for me. I have never thought of it in this way and it really helps. I have found that with issues like motivation and intent, especially as you have presented them visualizing these things on a continuum really misses the mark as far as practical application goes. For me, it either is or isn't, does or doesn't, it's there or it isn't. At 47 years, I have finally developed the patience and not feel tempted to self-condemnation at mistakes and failures. Self-condemnation,hate, pity, etc., usually tends to freeze me from further progress.

I recognize the applicability and accuracy of your article. As one of the many folks these days that have to deal periodically with the malady of "melancholia" or as usually termed with the cliched word "depression", your article describes much of the process I go thru with enduring it (KISS IT !). That worn cliche, "fake it till you make it" really works sometimes, but only if the INTENT is there to make it.

I don't know how I missed this article before?

Respectfully, Richard
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