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Mark Jakabcsin
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Re: Telegraphing Techniques


This will be hard to understand in words without a live demonstration but here goes. I think/hope everyone realizes that there is a connection between our mental/emotional state and our physical movement. Actually the link works both ways but that is another topic. A degree of telegraphing is caused by our mental state of 'trying' to punch, kick, stab, or accomplish 'x' technique. When we 'try' our bodies are full of uncertainty which translates into excessive motion, i.e. telegraphing intention. If one simply 'does' without 'trying' our body will eliminate excess motion and simply 'do'.

One of the foundations of repetition training is that over time the student builds his confidence in his ability to accomplish 'x' technique or motion. Confidence relates to 'doing' vers 'trying', hence the motions get smaller, more efficient and more effective. However, one can reduce telegraphing simply by changing his or her mind set from the get go.

In order to affectively change one's mind set we need to understand why we 'try' so darn hard. In a nut shell it's fear. We don't want to fail, look foolish, make a mistake, etc. so we concentrate very hard and try, try, try. All this excess mental effort and trepidation carries over into our physical movement. Don't be afraid of failure, BELIEVE you will accomplish the desired affect and simply step in and DO. Don't care or worry about failure. If/when failure happens ignore it and move forward.

There are some cool demonstrations to illustrate this point of 'just do it' but descriptions would be of limited value at best. Simply play with the concept awhile. Enjoy.

mark j.

My appologizes to Nike.
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