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Paul Sanderson-Cimino
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Re: Telegraphing Techniques

I will say that in my (limited) experience, one thing that sets sensei apart is this sort of the technique happens before I see it being set up. With others, I notice more telegraphing, such as the lead around for iriminage. I remember Nadeau-sensei lecturing on 'process, not result'. I think part of the reason we study so much 'connect the dots' step-by-step in Yoshokai is to get used to each part of the movement as a coherent motion that could lead into several next movements. For instance, the whirl-around for iriminage is its own movement, with its intent to keep out of harm's way and off-balance uke; both the possibility that they'll try to stand quickly and you can throw them backwards with that motion, and the possibility that they'll keep falling forward into, say, a collar-grasp breath throw, are also independent movements. Or so I think. Thanks, Larry, for bringing this up, I will try to implement it in my training.
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