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Ai symbol Telegraphing Techniques

Hey folks,

In our dojo I try to inculcate the habit of not telegraphing attacks so that Tori gets the chance to work with an attack that is as focused as possible, without having all the extra niceties (holes) that make it easier to apply technique.

Recently though I've been applying this concept to Tori's techniques as well. In our randori where counters from a resistant uke is a norm, it is often to one's tactical advantage not to telegraph what technique one may be attempting, as this way it becomes more difficult for your partner to figure out where you plan to go next and resist/negate the movement as a result.

In the case of atemi waza (as a strike or as a throw), I have also seen this work wonders where one goes from a position of total relaxation to explosive entry and technique (usually with Sen timing), and then back to a relaxed state. In the midst of this, Uke literally does not see the technique coming and just enters and is thrown before any resistance can be mounted. Gedan ate shows this movement in a great way using Sen timing by suddenly dropping out of Uke's line of sight at the last instant, with Uke only realising that his attack has not landed and he has been thrown after he is already on the floor.

This also works for techs that use Go no Sen timing, like kotegaeshi where Tori plunges Uke into a sort of vacuum when he attacks. Before he realises that the attack has not landed, he is on his back.

So I was wondering if any others were trying out this concept whether deliberately or otherwise and what experiences they may have had.


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