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Charles Hill
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Re: Article: Live Movement and Dead Movement by Chuck Clark

Mr. Clark,

Thanks for the article. It has made me think about a number of things. One thing I am wondering about is the degree to which the student`s intellect should be utilized in teaching. I have recently started to study Muso Shinden Ryu Iaido and each move and detail has been explained to me in terms of what would happen in a martial situation. This doesn`t seem to happen much in Aikido (at least what I have seen.) I wonder if students have "dead movement" because of a lack of knowledge of what a movement might represent. For example, when I work with a beginner who struggles against ikkyo, sometimes I verbally explain that when they struggle and resist against the technique, they are unable to stop me from hitting them. Then when I show them physically, many understand quickly and the movement becomes much smoother, I think "live." If I just show them, most seem to get defense and struggle more. I am starting to think that intellectual presentation is very important, whereas I used to think that all talking on the mat was useless.

Charles Hill
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