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Roger Fingas (Lone Swordsman) wrote:
I'm beginning to wish there were instructional books about Yoseikan, though. Since I can't practice much by myself it would be nice to study the grabs and stances in illustrated form.
Well, I don't know if your still interested, but you should be able to find that kind of thing here -

(IIRC in student handbook format, under products)

Or some online (probably you've seen this one?) -

To the original poste - As for books and videos and such, I really can't recommend many because I haven't seen many. Segal's 'A path beyond thought' is interesting. Yoshimitsu Yamada's (with Donovan Waite) is very good - it actually *teaches* aikido a little. *Most* instuctional tapes I have are simply a catalog of moves.

The best book I've read on aikido is "Going for a Walk in the world". Google to find a downloadable version, or you can try here -

"Dynamic sphere" has great pictures, but is damn stogey to read.
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