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Matthew Zsebik (Mashu) wrote:
The danger of budo books is buying too many. They can be useful but it's much more important to practice with an accomplished Sensei who has good students.
Luckily its only happened once and the person did leave but one of the most difficult moments I had was when I first started teaching. Now granted my Aikido is a little different but a person came in and started quoting one of John Steven's translations halfway through class. He actually had the book with him. I don't even think he had been on the mat before.

Extreme example but there is a truism there. Many books reflect a particular style and emphasis, quite often conflicting. I also like "Total Aikido", I did Aikido for about three years before I even cracked that book. "Aikido and the Competitve Edge" I recommend to my students and I know one Aikikai Shihan who uses the Japanese version for his High School students. However there are things in that one that your teacher might disapprove of.

Anyone who frequents these forums knows which famous book I can not stand.

Once again - ask your teacher.

Peter Rehse Shodokan Aikido
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