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Unhappy Personality clash between aikidoka

Hello all.

Last night's training session ended on a sour note. One of our members bowed off early and left. He was obviously upset about something. After class, our instructor came to speak with us, asking us what was wrong.

The guy had bowed off during the start of a randori session between four of us, while the rest of the class (newer members) went through some basic techniques. We were left to our own devices.

The guy who left early had clashed with our 2nd kyu. The second kyu can come across confrontational, he doesn't mean to, its just him. This other guy is introverted and likes to train but I have never seen him smile and I think he takes things a little too seriously.

The mix of the two ended in the quiet guy simply bowing off after he had tried to train with the second kyu.

Such a shame that this has happened. I have to admit the 2nd kyu can be hard to get along with but both may be at fault.

One of the shodan also thinks that the quiet guy might have quite a temper and is always fighting to keep it in check, so when things were starting to get out of control last night (internally not physically) he chose to bow out to let himself calm down.

This makes sense to me because the 2nd kyu has started to get me angry a few times in class and I have had to make an effort to relax, and laugh it off.

Wow, what a long thread. Sorry folks. Just getting stuff off my chest. Its not nice to see someone leave the mat due to a negative experience.

Peace and love to all!

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