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Re: It's not You, It's Me

not sure which of the six directions will this thread go to but FWIW

I think the Iwama / Saito group should not be ignored if you want to speculate on what Ueshiba was doing with this technology.

I believe Kokyu Rokyu is clearly Ueshibas appropriation of the material, Kokyu Ho being the vehicle to transmit one aspect of the skill ( he could have stuck with aiki age or derivative). If O Sensei was trying to build something different from Daito Ryu, it looks like it was not in the realm of technique; maybe it was in the methods he was adding in.

If you accept that Shioda showed applications based on internal strength, Saito was too, as was Shirata, and now we know there's second generation teachers who are also demonstrating internal strength based I think its pretty clear that O Sensei was developing his ideas and training regime and he was using everything he could learn about, and that his students were for the most left to puzzle it out.

"Go find out yourself" - there. It is very difficult to have a conversation about internal training. Skepticism is warranted. Success is improbable. Beware the rabbit hole.

Alfonso Adriasola
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