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Bernd Lehnen
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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Hugh Beyer wrote: View Post
Frankly, I can't tell the difference between ki and intent, except intent is less woo so maybe more acceptable to people who have burned out on ki.

Ron, I think the points you're making about working with bent arms here, and earlier when you pointed out that Chris H's first block man diagram was best for resisting a push, are very deep.
Hugh, you must be relatively advanced in internal training from what I can see.

But…frankly, if you could make this distinction, may be, that would a big leap forward for you, don't you think?

So how come if you push a car, you don't align your bones? Elbows, knees, hips are all bent to some degree. Why is this the most efficient way? After all, pushing a car is just the reverse problem of being pushed by a car.
Have you ever been pushed by a car? If so, you would know, that this has nothing in common with two living beings, pushing each other.



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