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Re: "resisting" a push part 2

Hunter Lonsberry wrote: View Post


How do you recreate the effects associated with internals without windup, big rotations, explosive power or better timing?
Without a specific, I'm not sure what you're asking. I can do "no inch punching" (much to the chagrin of my students), strike hard in limited distance, push hard from odd positions and the like. Nothing I can do is out of the scope of modern athletics (and if I showed modern pro athletes how to do these things, they could probably do them much better then I can right away). I am not baffled by anything that I've seen in 'internal' demos in the last several years (not to say that before I understood what was going on that I wasn't). But I also studied internal with a very good teacher, so that's not much of a surprise.

Also you did say that had some challenges figuring out how to move the arm in the way I wrote about. Assuming that I'm not lying about moving that way , would you consider that being at least one possible way that movement is different?
Wait, did you flex your deltoid? If your deltoid was not in contraction when you raised your arm, you are correct, I cannot do that. And in fact I would have no explanation for that. But I believe you said that your deltoid was making a contraction.

I have no difficulty raising my arm without tensing my trapezius. I believe that is what you were showing as poor movement in your video, and I agree with that.

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