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Re: How to Turn

Thanks Niall.

Turning with feet 'gliding' like an ice skater who can stop and start at any moment, from stillness to grace.

Times when turning 'from' heel and hips, times when turning from ball of foot and centre, as put.....all ways fit various situations.

I say with regards to 'gliding' that it has nothing to do with the terrain but more to do with learning how to on any terrain.

If I was to look at turning and basics then I would look at all kinds of turning and this includes ukemi for that too is turning and turning through the air as well as on the ground. Thus I see the most important factors, the ones which apply to all types of turning, the ones which are always there.

Centre is always involved but of equal importance on this subject is centre line. For what is a centre line but an axis be it vertical or horizontal etc. Everything turns around an axis.

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