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Re: Request for Civil and Respectful Conduct

Hi folks,

A few thoughts here before I go for a quick run...

As far as "ignoring" people, that's an active choice that people have the right to choose to do -- an active a choice as engaging with someone, in my mind. Everyone has that right. I do hope, of course, that people understand the consequences and responsibility of that choice -- just as I imagine they would in the case of speaking up.

I don't think anyone has said we all need to accept all opinions as valid. As Dahnke was quoted in my original post in this thread above, "we aren't expecting people to always agree." Let there be disagreements! And let those disagreements be passionate! And, at the same time, let the discussions about those disagreements take place with respect, civility, and maturity.

In closing, I sure hope that all who participate here read/re-read my initial post in this thread (found here). I still stand by what I wrote. And, thanks for the support both in the subsequent thread (above) as well as in private correspondence. I have no doubt we can continue to have vigorous and fruitful discussions here on AikiWeb and I look forward to everyone's participation.


-- Jun

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