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Re: MCL, meniscus, mmmmm!

Cherie Cornmesser wrote: View Post
Being very mindful of how I move, especially when pivoting on that leg which is how the injury occurred.

I think the biggest help for me is having my chiropractor realign it on a regular basis. That brings the most relief.
Cherie gave me too good an opening -

If the biggest help with your knee is someone realigning it from time to time, why not learn how to realign it yourself and then learn how to KEEP it aligned?

I see there's at least one AT teacher in your (Cherie's) area:

I've had AT students of mine report the disappearance of knee pain that they thought was structural, after they'd had AT lessons for a while. Apparently in those cases the problem wasn't structural after all but a matter of using the knee joint in an ineffective way which irritated it.

What I''d like to add though is that any trustworthy AT teacher is also going to ask if you have seen a doctor. If there indeed is structural damage, AT can certainly help you adjust your movement to that, but it won't magically heal anyones cartilage.

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