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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

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Josh Phillipson wrote:
Oh yes, Last thing.
And, FWIW, I thought DH's post above was spot on. I would very much find any attempt to address the concerns/topics fascinating.

Thank you, and with much respect,
Josh P.
PAG. Yes, perhaps one might rephrase the concerns: Would you ever buy a used car from Takeda, or Deguchi, or Sagawa, or even Ueshiba? What kind of arguments do you think they would use to persuade you? Would you be convinced by them? (In this respect, the car dealer skits in The Fast Show are essential viewing.)

Best wishes,

Hello Peter
I believe my interests/concerns were not so course, but rather more specific. I don't see "salesmanship" as relevant in any way as I was hoping for evidence from sources OTHER than them. My concerns/interests are meant to defy or negate the ability for them to personally "sell" me at all.
To use your model...I was looking for an actual vehicle that ran, could be driven and vetted to be trustworthy. Last I knew, people actually got out and independantly tested vehicles, and even researched them to avoid the salesmen!

My interests were stated:
Although it is only a limited part of Peters overal study, I would guess there are those -like me- spending time reading these columns and associated recent books on the topic of Ueshiba's power and potential origins: "Transparent power" and "Hidden in Plain Site" (examining the source of Ueshiba's power), for sources of his power.
We have seen stark proof of those who used the DR methods and produced real power, but not much else.

1. I have been fascinated to read those attempting to make the case for other sources for power building (other than DR).

2. With these columns I was intrigued and hoping to see an examination of the kotodama and Omoto believers (actually) demonstrating (real power, obtained through) other supposed power building methods of Ueshiba- as they deserve equal examination.

3. Evidence for questionable spiritual effects notwithstanding- It would very interesting to see evidence for the practices as a means for power building affecting Ueshiba's peers in those same practices. It appears-as yet-there is still no smoking gun.....

Put more simply, I have watched video, felt first hand, and read of power from the DR lineage to Ueshiba. I was hoping someone could point somewhere, to anyone real who Ueshiba trained with (in these "other methods") and who were not students of his during that time that demonstrated power and were known for it?

I don't need the "This is everywhere in Asia" argument put forth by others. That is already known but does nothing to address the point. As I said to Ellis. "In regards to Ueshiba himself getting power from "elsewhere"- thats' great.....Where is the proof?"
Who else beside him (from that supposed study -real or imagined) was known for power in that era?

Who? Where? What? Why? and When? ....seems to me to be decent journalistic rules of the road, all meant to negate editorial, hype and "salesmanship."
I was looking for evidence of men with power who gave training to Ueshiba (outside of DR) were actually known for it.
I'm still waiting......

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