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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15

My intended usage of the word "action", relates to this kind of meaning in bold: "The notion of kotodama presupposes that sounds can magically affect objects" (taken from the wiki).

What if the sounds of kotodama are just the echo of what has already been done? While an echo has limits based upon speed, kotodama sounds may not have such limits as the person may require some amount of time to generate the action.

What if there is an action being performed by which kotodama sounds are a by product? This action, driven by mental, spiritual, internal, whatever description you want to give, is generated not as the by product of kotodama sounds, but instead it is the reverse? Or perhaps using sound driven kotodama chants, one can learn to internally generate the action. Perhaps the kotodama sounds are part of the learning device, rather than that which generates the action.

Or perhaps, writing the word/kanji/picture/rune/whatever also holds to a similar theory? What if the actual written glyph is a byproduct of the action already internally generated? The after effects of putting something into action. Or again, perhaps a learning device intended to instruct others into the way of internally generated actions?

What if people looked to kotodama (and its related kin) to learn how to create an action? And maybe one person actually does something once but can't recreate it? And maybe by breaking down the kotodama into base parts, one can find out exactly what one needs to do to recreate the action? But, then again, one could get lost amidst all of this study for something that only a few rare individuals can accomplish.

What if those few rare individuals who could create action from mind/spirit/whatever used the best thing they knew how to teach to others? And amidst something as internally driven as kotodama, what if those individuals turned to sounds and words as the best available tool? What other tool would suffice (telepathy not being an option) to convey the idea that the sounds or words are not the power or the magic, but the mental/spiritual/whatever is the actual force generating the action? And the best way to train, that anyone knew of, was to repeat the kotodama sounds (and/or write the words) of power until the appropriate mental/spiritual/whatever was achieved that generated the action.

Once learned, maybe the kotodama sounds became the echo of the action ...
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