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Ron Tisdale
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Re: O-Sensei a Shinto Priest?

PS: Thanks, Ellis, for your thoughts. I'm still making up my mind of which way I want to go myself...
Oh no Jun, you, of all people, have definately chosen the light. You still tolerate old sour pusses like me, so it must be true!

Who wouldn't be offended that you think they are a liar? Wouldn't you be upset is someone said the same to you? You can should give some one a social out if you genienly don't want to offend them, like "I think you might be mistaken". This gives the person a chance to back out graciously instead of them being forced to eather be defensive or aggressive.
Dude, if I want to call someone a liar, I know how to type the word. If at some point I decide to use the word, no one will have to wonder.

Best, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, and to all, a Good Night.

Ron Tisdale
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