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Re: Music While Training - Offensive?

Kent Enfield wrote: View Post
Except for when they wear red. Or blue. Or purple. Or . . .

And lots of people wear white hakama.

Really? How does that work? Do you just walk into the shrine and declare, "I'm the priest now. You, get out." And when someone comes and asks for oharai or other services, you just make it up?

To follow Ron's thoughts, stop making shit up.
I don't appreciate the tone of your post.
If you think this is all bull, then you could ask "hmm,I've never heard that, where did you get it from?" Then we'd have a conversation about where I've heard this.
Instead you are being confrontational in a way that's coming across like you intend to incite an argument.
I can explain my sources to you if you actually want a conversation about the issue? But if your intent in posting was simply to incite an argument I'm really not game.

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