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Re: Transmission, Inheritance, Emulation 15


Again, many thanks for the rigorous look at aikido's history and pretensions. A question:

Do you think KOTOTAMA folk believe literally the stuff about sounds creating the universe and all the rest of the, or do you think they "playing" with the language in the manner of Einstein's "sit on a light beam" thought experiment or Crick's entwining snakes?

You have reproved me once or twice for my enthusiastic contempt for the writing of Stevens. I had a little epiphany, though, reading Grappard (et al.) on the "cubist" traditions of language play in mikkyo. As irritating as I found Stevens' TENCHI Jesus picture (Christian statuary in a similar pose to Osensei completing TENCHI NAGE in...The Philosophy of Aikido?), much of my rancor dissipated, at least in that instance, when I realized that he wasn't explaining so much as demonstrating (not sure if this was a conscious choice on his part).

That kind of "...therefore my cat is a dog" silliness was very much in the tradition (what Jacqueline Stone calls "KANJIN thought," IIRC). And if that's what it took to "unify mind and body" and the tantra-ists sought, good on them. No one anticipated finding cell-theory defying snakes actually hosting genes, right? It was UPAYA, as it were, expedient means.


Thanks again.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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